Olympia CM70
A great value single roll ecr.
LCD display, compact cash drawer (3 note-8 coin),
8 department, 99 PLU, 8 clerks – password protected
Receipt on/off  and print last receipt.
Ideal for any small general retail outlet.

Olympia CM712
A robust 8 department single roll ecr.
With rear customer display and large sturdy cash drawer 4 note/8 coin trays, this is a great machine for the local takeaway.

Olympia CM812
Single Alpha-Numeric thermal.printer.
Drop in Paper roll. Modern, Quiet, maintenance-free  printer. 10 digit operator and customer display
A large sturdy cash drawer 4 note/8 coin trays, used in any general retail where a tax receipt is required

Olympia CM230
Well featured single station cash register. High speed 57mm thermal printer. Drop in paper loading. 1 x RS232 port for scanner and PC communication. 12 digit LCD operator and customer display Up to 5000 PLU's Raised keyboard (48 keys) Graphic logo print Electronic journal up to 12,000 lines. 12 character descriptions. Optional battery pack available Space saving cash drawer (4 notes and 4 coins with removable coin boat

Olympia CM280
Flat or Raised keyboard registers... Quick & quiet Thermal Printer. Customer rear display... 60 groups, 15 Departments (another 15 available with Shift key)... Up to 10,000 PLU's... Full size Cash Drawer (4 notes, 8 coins)... 3 Comm Ports available for Scanner, Scale, Kitchen Printer or PC  connection... Daily & Periodic X, Z reports. Program Back-up & Restore using  SD Flash Card Utility

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