Here’s to the Serial Port!
communicate with any serial device over the internet or local network.

 RS232 ports may have disappeared from your PC but serial interfaces  continue to be widespread in many industries such as security, automation, and IT.

Tibbo's Serial-over-IP solutions marry the simplicity of serial  communications with TCP/IP networking of the Internet age. The Tibbo range offer Easy Programmbility and Device Management for a total solution.
We supply external device servers, embedded Ethernet modules, and PC software that allow you to quickly network-enable practically any serial device.


EM500 BASIC-programmable Ethernet Module

Our lightest and lowest-cost BASIC-programmable module yet, the  "vertical slice" EM500 squeezes our technology into 18.5x6.5mm of board  space. Saves you on BOM cost by working with a standard LED/magnetics  RJ45 jack. One serial port, 8 I/O lines, optional Wi-Fi. Member of the MiniMo family.


RM1206 Jack/Magnetics Module

Ethernet front-end module with magnetics and RJ45 jack. Unique space-saving design.
Use it in tandem with the EM203, EM1206, or Davicom DM9000 Ethernet IC.
Member of the x20x family.


DS1206 BASIC-programmable Controller

An improved version of the DS1202 device. Same multi-channel serial port, now with software-controlled power input/output.
Can be used as a serial device server with the Tibbo BASIC serial-over-IP application available for free.


 DS1000 BASIC-programmable Multi-port Controller

The DS1000, DS1002, and DS1003 are 4-port BASIC-programmable industrial  controllers designed primarily for serial-over-IP and serial control  projects. All three devices come preloaded with a fully functional  serial-over-IP application (open-source).
These devices differ in the type of serial ports they offer:

With its four conventional RS232 ports, the DS1000 is ideal for relatively low-cost projects.

For applications requiring a mix of port types, there is the DS1002, which  sports universal RS232/422/485 ports with programmable selection of each port's mode.

Finally, especially demanding industrial  installations can rely on the DS1003, which adds galvanic isolation on  top of the universal ports.


TDST - Tibbo Device Server Toolkit for Windows

Software tools for setup and management of Tibbo serial device servers and modules.
Includes VSPD (Virtual Serial Port Driver) and Connection Wizard for quick setup of new connections.


AggreGate Platform

Complete device management system for control, configuration and  monitoring of distributed device networks. Vertical market solutions  include remote monitoring, fleet management, vending machines  automation, and more. Cross-platform database-agnostic architecture,  rich connectivity, open-source APIs, integrated visual editors, and data analysis tools.

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